Fionavar's Lucky, English Springer Spaniel extrodinaire

Fionavar Kennels

Field Bred Springer Spaniels from the world's finest bloodlines

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Fionavar Kennels

R.R. # 2
455 Munro Line
Clayton, Ontario
K0A 1P0

Ed or Vera


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Frequently Asked Questions:

The only bad/dumb/stupid question is the one that does not get asked. Please ask questions it is the only way that we can both learn about and from each other. We want you to be an informed buyer as this makes for a much happier customer and indeed in time a friend.
  • How much are Fionavar puppies?

    • Fionavar puppies are $800.00 Canadian Dollars. If you live in Canada you must pay GST. If you live in Ontario you must pay HST. If the cost of the puppy is your greatest concern then perhaps you should reconsider as the purchase price is one of the lowest cost requirements in the life of a dog. There will be feed, annual vet fees plus any toys, training as well as a myriad of other events that will occur over the life of your Springer some of which will be more expensive, some less but over the life of your Fionavar Springer the cost of purchase is one of the lowest expenses.

  • Can you ship my puppy?

    • Yes, we can and do ship around the world. We are within 30 minutes of the Ottawa International Airport we do not charge for Airport services and we will endeavour to get the best flight for you and your Fionavar Spaniel. The costs are quite reasonable within North America even shipping Internationally is fairly reasonable. Call us and we will get a quote to an airport near you.

  • Should we get our puppy neutered/spayed?

    • Yes if you wish, but not before the age of two years. Your puppy must mature before you neuter/spay. The Health Guarantee on you puppy will be void if the pup is neutered/spayed before two years of age. Think of the animals that are routinely neutered/spayed they all mature into different animals with considerable differences physically and mentally. ie; a bull calf becomes a steer, a colt becomes a gelding, a cock becomes a capon. Your pup will also mature into a different animal one that has a weaker immune system, one in which the large bone growth plates do not close normally if at all. Please check the following link it has much more information and links to even more. Fionavar Neuter and Spay Information Page.